This list is  incomplete, and will be updated soon. Please send me your url if you have a interesting site you would like me to include in this links page.

Art Support 

Dedicated to helping artists with the business side of art.

Alternative Process Faq

An Excellent resource for photographers interested in alternative processes.

Blind Spot Magazine

Lexington Labs created this magazine to show off their capabilities and to highlight the works of some photographers.

Darkroom Online

Some interesting information on building a darkroom. My favorite part was the information on building a contact sheet printer for under 5 dollars. A must have when printing in a color darkroom!

Mike Ware's Alternative Process Photography

This guy is a hard-core scientist, and proves it with the technical and detailed descriptions of the many processes on his site.

Stolen Camera registry

Seems like a good idea, but I can't imagine it ever actually producing the recovery of any equipment.