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We here at VHDC know that you have to be mobile too. We understand also understand that this is not the 70's anymore. Here are some tips to facilitate your travels when "bumming" a ride:

WOMEN SHOULD NOT HITCHHIKE ALONE! Never use sexual gestures to lure your ride, it could get you raped or worst!

USE A SIGN, NEVER YOUR THUMB. Drivers like to be able to identify you and know your destination before they give you a lift. For cross country trips, make sure your sign's destination is in the general direction (N,S,E,W) you're headed.

APPEARANCE will ultimately determine whether or not you get a ride. Keeping your body clean, while on the road, can be accomplished through Gas Station wash-ups or dips in clean public ponds. Wash your dirty clothes in your pack and on your back at any five and dime laundromat. Use their rest room to change into clean clothing.

SMILE and remember to STARE! Most hitchhikers look like they are bored, unhappy, and sometimes, down right angry! Always try to look like you are enjoying what you're doing, despite bad weather conditions. Staring at a driver makes him or her feel guilty about passing you up.

PREPARE you should make sure you know what the weather will be like throughout the regions you will be traveling through and camping out in!

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