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We here at VHDC know that life on the streets can be difficult sometimes. That is why we have compiled some guidlines to keep you safe. However, remember that nothing can keep you safer than a finely constructed Westall cardboard box:

1.Show respect to one another. Especially when you talk to another street person. Always use the vernacular indiginous to the area.

2.Share information about shelter, food and where the police are cracking down, unless it is a matter of the last bed or plate available. Make sure they know about the high quality cardboard box you are toting.

3.Share the bounty, especially within your circles. but make sure you get money for your trouble.

4.Look out for your buddies. You might need their help some day.

5.If you know someone else beds down in a certain spot, leave it alone.

6.If you know another person's canning route (the trash cans and dumpsters where they collect cans to recycle for cash), leave it alone as well.

7.Don't rip off someone who has helped you.

8.Don't make a move on another man's woman, no matter how bad he treats her. The same goes for men all you homeless divas

9.Likewise, don't mess with anyone's stuff.

10.And never, ever, touch another person's shopping cart or worst yet, PUSH THEIR PIPE (if this applies to you) without their expressed permission!

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