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Welcome to the Scott McGregor Fan Club


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Hi, my name is bill gates.  Welcome to my personal home page. I am sure  you all know me from some of my business adventures, but many of you don't know that I am the founding father of the Scott Mcgregor fan club. Scott is da' bomb.  Scott and I chill out together all the time. I work on this web site whenever I am not busy dealing with those dumb f**k people from the D.O.J.

My web site is always under construction, so check back later. All I have at the moment  is a picture taken of me on my annual pilgrimage from Washington to Riverside to see Scott. Above is a picture of Scott and I at the banquet I threw in his honor. Scott was totally dissin' me that night


Here I am with Scott in the Riverside area with his one of his many friends. I could barely hold in my excitement. I almost wet my pants!

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Peace out, homies. Keep it real in 98'